About us

eWireless Inc.

If people trust you they do business with you

eWireless is one of the largest distributors in North America for mobile phones and accessories. We carry original and generic accessories for all phones. eWireless, as a company, has proven itself to its loyal customer base for having exceptional customer service and products. Dating back to our inception in 1995, eWireless has been honored with multiple awards and merits.

We, as a company, guarantee outstanding service and the best quality phone accessories on the market. We will always keep our prices competitive and promise high customer satisfaction with every purchase. We have a large and diverse selection of products that will fulfill any of your mobile or electronic device needs.

We aim to ease the challenges of today’s complexity of doing business in the mobile-device industry by providing superior service and more choices of merchandise to satisfy the increase demand for our products.

We are able to immediately provide our products and services to all points worldwide through our new website and large inventory base.